Importance of Books

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”  For most people, nothing beats the feeling you get when you cozy up on your couch with a book in hand. A good book can transport you into a world you didn’t know existed. As the quote goes, “you open a book, you open a new world.” There are several genres of books ranging from educational, thrillers, motivational; the list goes on. The good thing is, almost all books are nowadays available in soft copies and audio form. Maybe you prefer the smell of pages as you peruse a book? Or the convenience reading from your phone brings? These are the main basic points of importance of books.

There are several reasons why everyone should read. Let’s look at the seven most important reasons why books are important in our lives.

1. They Help Us Improve Our Writing Skills

If you are a writer or aspiring to be one, it is essential to develop a reading habit. Books will help you build up on your vocabulary and introduce you to new writing techniques. There are also numerous books you can read on how to improve your writing. A good writer has to be a good reader. That way you get to learn various writing methods used by other authors.


The Importance of Books


2. Books Help Us Learn At Our Own Pace

For educational books, the most significant advantage is you learn at your own pace. You read when your time allows and can always go back to a lesson you didn’t understand. You get to keep the book for future reference. There is no pressure to finish the reading at a stipulated time because you always have the book with you. You decide how and when you want to study.


importance of books in the life of a student


3. Reading Is An Excellent Hobby

Something is relaxing about grabbing a good novel and reading it in a quiet location. You spend the next couple of hours lost in a strange new world. And you forget everything around you and all the stressful things happening in your life. You get immersed in this new world that your body and mind is completely relaxed. The good thing about reading as a hobby is that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. It comes cheap too; you only need a book.


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4. Reading Exposes Us To New Things

When you develop a reading habit, each book you read will expose you to new experiences. Because of the numerous genres, you can always get new information from a book. You learn new ways to achieve your goals and new ways of solving problems. And you get exposed to new ideas and way of doing things. You can even learn about new places you didn’t know existed from books.


what is the importance of reading books


5. Helps In Self Improvement

You can find a book in just about any topic you can think. Do you want to lose weight? There are several books for that. Need help with your finances? There is a lot of financial books you can find. There are several motivational and self-help books to suit your needs. Reading these books makes you look at the world more positively and inspires you to change. This leads to a better version of yourself who believes they can be more and do more.


what is the importance of books


6. Helps Us To Be Better Communicators

Effective communication is vital in our day to day activities. Because of the increased vocabulary, you get when you read, you can communicate better. Reading also improves your general knowledge, creativity, and imagination. This assists you to interact well with other people with the same interests and expertise.


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7. Helps Us Learn About History

Because of books, we learn about things that happened centuries ago. Learning about the past is important so that we can predict the future. Is it not amazing that because of books we know about evolution? Or when the invention of fire happened? And even the history of the early man?


The Importance of Books in Our Life


Importance of Books for Personal Development

Isn’t life much better without the burden going through a huge bundle of text filled complex words and ideas, isn’t life a mess already? The answer would be no, life would not be better without books, it might contain complex words and ideas, but it will eventually sort out the tangle called ‘life’. In the modern era, as the digital devices are increasing people are becoming less attracted to books. This can be alarming as the books are a very important part of development of a person.

Books are the supplement of a sound mind as they work in developing a person’s character and increasing his ability to think. The development of character would go as far as building of self-confidence, to be expressive and understanding with other people. Books hone the ability of mind to visualize things which strengthens the imagination of reader and it also blesses the reader with an identity, the identity of being a human.

1. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is boosted through the reading of books. As a developing mind, there are many ideas which grow inside a person, but he/she is usually unsure about them whether others will acknowledge those ideas or laugh at them. Books educates the reader to encourage such ideas and slowly the reader realizes that one should not feel aliened if he/she has different ideas and thoughts in mind. The reader then finds its easier to connect his thoughts with the writer, as he/she acknowledges the development of the ideas to be only natural.

Through reading one learns to channel and control his thoughts and thus is more confident about himself/herself when speaking to others. This confidence will help him/her improve both himself/herself and the society. They inspire this confidence in other people. They look up to such individuals and hence, follow in their steps. This creates a positive aura in the society, as people strive to copy such people. It ignites a trend in the society to build each other.

2. Emotionally expressive and strong

One of the interesting phenomena which a reader experiences is that he/she learns to understand and express emotions. A human mind is like a blank page, which is filled by things he reads and sees. It only seems logical that if he sees and reads good things, the mind will blossom into a positive resource. This positivist not only helps the person, but other around as well. Through reading, one learns to how people interact with each other and how the society works.

In real life, it helps them understand people, their behavior and how to deal with different people with different attitude. The daily life of a reader slowly transforms as he/she sees, what is has already read in books. Slowly through observing and practicing, the reader becomes more informed about his surroundings. The reader learns both the importance of communication and different ways of communication depending upon the given scenarios. Through books, one becomes more tolerant and wiser hence is respected for his attitude and thinking in the society. Through reading, one realizes that life is meant to be learned along living it. At times, it becomes difficult to control emotions. This may result in anxiety, which invites depression. Books allows a person to mentally discipline himself/herself. The ability to control emotions helps an individual to take tough decisions in his/her life.

3. Mental visualization

Mental visualization is the ability to imagine pictures in your mind. Books teach the development and importance of this skill. Although, it may seem fruitless at some level, but it can be observed by the fact that there are many books on which many movies are based. People who watch the movie can never really capture the complete scene. They are focused on a certain character or an object making them oblivious to the details of the surrounding. While on the hand, the book readers slowly gain the ability to create an entire scene in their mind. They are completely able to immerse themselves into the text.

The details help the mind in picturing the scene with the focus not only on the characters but also on the environment. People with this ability are more creative and innovative. They are more expressive about their ideas and thoughts. This ability enables us in the practical life to mentally create scenarios to evaluate things and to find the best solution possible to the given problem. Real life problems require quick assessment and quick decisions. A person who can rule out different scenarios in his/her mind can take a wiser decision in such cases.

4. Sense of identity

Books also give us a unique sense of identity as they hold the experience of the writer, feelings which would otherwise go unheard, unseen by the further generations. The world is full of colorful traditions and cultures, some evolve with time while others are left behind in history. Books have been one of the primary sources of passing of this knowledge. If it wasn’t for the books, we would have forfeited our history, cultures and beliefs. Books enhance the mind, increasing the knowledge and expanding the horizons of thinking. Books help us connect to the past, learn from the people before us and improve ourselves.

The identity that we all have in common, identity of being a human irrespective of religion, caste, color or creed. This identity becomes clearer as we read more and more books. A reader learns that knowledge is only the discovery of his/her own ignorance. Slowly it dawns upon the reader that we are all humans after all, the crown of creation, which then makes us move towards idea the universal harmony. A reader becomes more aware of the world and this changes concept of identity, which helps him/her move beyond the constraints given by limited society he/she lives in.

It can be concluded that books give us many useful attributes, which means that we should respect books and promote the reading of books. It is important for the development of the mankind, both at individual and societal level. We as humans have come a long way from the stone ages to the modern age, and it has always been knowledge that push forward towards a more promising future.

5. Knowledge of History

On individual level, it helps a person build self-confidence and gain control over their emotions. The ability to picture scenarios and making decisions is also learnt through books. One of the reliable links we have with the history is books. By reading enough books, one can carve a path back into history. This path gives meaning to the identity of a person or at least makes him ponder over it. Books are the friends which have so much to offer but never ask anything in return. It would not be wrong to call books such a treasure that no one can take away from you, you can lose money and worldly possessions, but you cannot lose the treasure of wisdom you have learned as it always stays with you and always adds more meaning to your life.


We cannot exhaust the importance of books in our life. A reading culture should be promoted in our society. We should do this by introducing books to children when they are still little. It will instill the culture of reading to our future generations.

It is thus essential to always have a book available, be it in soft or hard copy. Read a chapter or two whenever you have free minutes. You can also listen to audios while going about your business. Do not limit yourself to one particular genre. There are millions of books in the world; you will find something you love. The benefits you gain when you read books are many, therefore read always.