The earth we live in is almost always under the threat of destruction by factors attributed to our own negligence. It is very disheartening to see people who essentially have an obligation to keep their surrounding clean living in blatant disregard for this. The only logical explanation for this behavior would be the fact that very few people are aware of the importance of cleanliness in their surroundings and the effect uncleanliness has.

The following are reasons which should encourage everyone to participate in the task of keeping the surrounding clean:

1) Healthy Living

Research has often shown that many diseases are caused by organisms that thrive in areas with the dirty surrounding. These organisms find a good breeding ground in places that are not clean. Dirt that is left lying around unattended simply invites these organisms, leaving people under the risk of contracting communicable diseases.

It therefore follows that the most efficient method of ensuring that these diseases do not spread is keeping our surroundings clean. This will ensure that we are all at our perfect health and can therefore be very productive in our daily activities.


Importance of Cleanliness


2) Aesthetic Value

A clean environment is always pleasing to look at. Imagine if the zoos, parks, and museums would have paper, plastic bags and waste materials lying all over the place. Would anyone really be interested in visiting them? Probably not.

This is simply because those places would be revolting and no one would want to look at them. Keeping our surroundings clean ensures that everything is pleasant in our eyes.


importance of cleanliness and sanitation


3) To Leave A Heritage For Future Generations

Many children growing up feel very disappointed that they never got to see dinosaurs and other extinct animals. All they have left are the bones in museums and the pictures in their coloring books. This is very sad, isn’t it?

It would be even more disappointing for children in the future to be told that there was once a time when there were trees, green gardens, and clean surroundings but there aren’t any left because people never took care of them. Read more Importance of trees

Keeping our surroundings clean ensures that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy nature the same way we do today.


importance of cleanliness in life


4) To Preserve The Environment

The environment is constantly degrading because of the negligence people show in not keeping it clean. The presence of rubbish everywhere has a ripple effect on the entire environment.

The rubbish drains into water bodies such as rivers and lakes which may in turn cause harm to fishes and other animals in the water bodies. The rubbish also chokes plant and prevents them from growing as they are supposed to. This is very dangerous to the environment.


importance of environmental cleanliness


5) To Ensure Amicable Co-existence Between All Living Creatures

Humans, animals, plants and all other living organisms live interdependently on earth. We all need each other in order to live long and fulfilling lives. Plants require the carbon dioxide in the air we breath out while humans require the oxygen that comes from plants.

We also depend on the plant for fruits and other foods. Keeping the surrounding clean ensures that the plants and other animals have optimum conditions for them to thrive and therefore provide us with all that we need from them.

Humans depend on nature for many things. It is only fair that we reward nature by keeping it clean and avoiding pollution.


importance of cleanliness and hygiene


6) To Ensure Harmony Among Neighbors

Imagine living in a place where your neighbors always leave their rubbish lying around, or have no regard for their surrounding. Would you enjoy living there? You would probably want to move to a cleaner place given the slightest opportunity.

No one likes to be in a place where the surrounding is not clean. Keeping our surroundings clean therefore ensures that we do not become a nuisance to our fellow human beings. With a clean surrounding, we can all live together in harmony.


importance of cleanliness at home school and neighbourhood


7) Clean Air

Many people like to leave the city and go to the country side, the woods or the mountains where there is fresh and clean breathing air for camping and travel. This is mostly because there is no pollution in the country side as there are very few industries and factories, and also because the surrounding is clean.

Rubbish in our surrounding smells terrible and attracts all manner of flies and insects that contributes to the stench which forms a major characteristic of dirty surroundings.

With a clean surrounding, everyone can rest assured that they will always have clean and fresh air to breathe, even in the city!


Clean Air


8) Safety For Children

Children love to play around in the areas surrounding where they live. Where there is rubbish, there is bound to be many harmful objects that can injure children, such as glass and metal.

It is, therefore, everyone’s responsibility to ensure that these items are disposed off in a manner that will keep them away from children. No one wants their child to get cut by glass or to choke on a polythene bag that they should have kept away from reach. This can be prevented by simply keeping the surrounding clean!


importance of cleanliness for children


9) To Attract Companies That Provide Jobs

The youth of today are always complaining that there are very few job opportunities. Many results in crime as a means of sustenance. Multinational corporations and companies are always keen on setting up shop in appealing and clean places.

Keeping the surrounding clean is, therefore, one sure way of attracting organizations that will create job opportunities for people living in these areas. Therefore, the youth should actively participate in activities that keep the environment clean to ensure an even flow of jobs.


article on importance of cleanliness



The illustrations above show the importance of cleanliness in the surrounding and the effect it has on everyone. Earth is our home and we should all therefore embrace our life long obligation to keep our surroundings clean and habitable for the good of all people. We should all embrace this noble task with reverence and respect.