Importance of Curriculum

The School system runs on a certain curriculum and it can never run without acknowledging the importance of curriculum. Without a proper curriculum, a school cannot run smoothly. As there would be no defined idea of what the plan is to teach students studying at the institution. What the goal of teaching a subject is there needs to be a definite goal in mind of the administration that what do they want the children to be capable of when they complete their academic period in that institution.

While on the other hand, if the syllabus is too difficult for most of the students. Then the administration needs to redefine the syllabus to a less difficult version. The presently employed curriculum needs active inclusion from the administration. Through thorough management of the curriculum, we can move towards a more effective academic environment with skilled and hard-working students.

Importance of curriculum management

The curriculum needs managing in a balanced way such that it neither burdens the teacher and students nor keeps them so light-footed that they do not learn anything at the end of the course. The administration of a school or college needs to make sure to create an achievable curriculum in the given period. By keeping the curriculum managed, the administration can learn from the previous data on how to plan their future curriculum. Managing the curriculum can be hard when there is a whole lot of record handling.

A lot of paperwork needs to be managed; this can be made easier by making records on computers. Through electronic management of the records, it will be easier to find older records and creating statistics to calculate where the system needs improvement. To set up such an effective management system, the academic institution will need investments from the government. But they need to propose a good proposal to the government, so they are confident that their investment will be fruitful for the educational sector.

The teacher, student, and the content that the teacher is teaching the students. Through these impromptu visits, one can better understand and analyze where does the management needs attention. By observing all three main elements at work i.e. teacher, student, and content, the administration can pinpoint problems. If the teacher is not being more detailed about the topic being taught, students will not be able to understand. So, it would mean that the administration needs to remind the teacher that they need to be more aware of their teaching methods.

Importance of curriculum material

Defining a good curriculum is one thing but achieving it many requires many resources. The most basic part of curriculum material is the books through which the teacher will plan the lesson and teach it to the children in the class. Depending upon the structure of the curriculum, the books will be decided. Apart from the books, proper classroom environment, chairs, and tables for the students to sit and put their stationery and books on, whiteboard for the teacher to write on.

Similarly, the teacher needs to have the ability to properly teach the curriculum to children. The teacher helps to utilize the curriculum material and the administration should spend ample time looking for a qualified teacher for their students. The importance of curriculum material is as much important as its management. Not only the curriculum material needs to be bought and used, but it also needs to be maintained. Buying all the classroom material is one thing but keeping it clean and safe is the bigger challenge. The children need to reminded not to scribble on the tables, which might give a very bad impression.

There should be no littering and the student should be encouraged to throw the litter in the trash, keeping their environment clean and healthy. It is also part of our religion that ’Cleanliness is half of the faith. When something is entrusted to us. We need to keep it safe and try to return it in the same condition it was in while receiving. So, we need to keep our environment and belongings clean.

While studying in schools, all the things are entrusted to us and we are trustees. We should not damage them as it is not only bad, but our religion also prohibits harming anything that is entrusted to us. We should also remember that curriculum material provided to us costs resources. So we should keep them safe, so we can use future resources for other important issues.

Importance of curriculum development

The development of a good curriculum is necessary for any institute. But there can never be an absolute curriculum, as the world has been progressing everything needs to be made compatible with the given scenarios. One of the best ways for good curriculum development is having proper management for it. The fact that we have records of the old ones, we can analyze and decide where it needs changing. As mentioned earlier, if we make a better management of the older curriculum and their statistics it will help us make a better design for the upcoming generations.

The curriculum should include some important questions like:

  1. Was the required syllabus completed?
  2. How well was the syllabus understood by the students?
  3. Did the current system burden the children or the teacher?
  4. Is there any space for improvement in the teacher or the content?

Keeping such questions in mind will help the administration to focus on the main objective of teaching the students effectively. It will help the administration to design such a curriculum which proves to be fruitful for the students and manageable by the teachers. If the curriculum is too hectic for the students, the curriculum needs to be made less complex. This way students spread the syllabus evenly through the period of the academic year. While on the other hand, if all students are up to a very good level of understanding, Then raising the complexity accordingly would be a good idea.

So, children can absorb more information in that amount of time. For such a design of the curriculum, we need to set up effective educational policies that reinforce cooperation between the government and the educational sector. When the government and the educational sector will join hands. They will be better able to address the issue regarding the shortcomings of the curriculum in terms of management, material, and developments. The government can give requisite funds for the materials while the educational sector utilizes the funds and creates such policies that create ease for the teachers and students.


Through the management of the curriculum, making use of the given resources in the best possible way. By developing policies to bring improvements in the whole system one can move towards a more promising future. The curriculum sets the basis of any academic institution, without it, the institution would be a lost cause. As the syllabus would be all over the place as there are no concrete objectives of the system. We need to have a defined set of aims and objectives for the syllabus we plan for our students. Only then, we can move toward a better academic future for our nation.

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