5 Reason Why Discipline Is Important and Its Value In Our Life

This article tells the importance of discipline in our life. Discipline is very important for life. It helps you channel your energy toward positive things. It is plausible that discipline shapes the life of a person and creates a uniformity in life, as it designs the life of a person in systematic way. A positive attitude is necessary for a good life as ‘An attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference’. Importance of Discipline in school life is very important for students. We can’t be well educated without discipline

It is never possible to control things coming your way. But we can control the way we respond to those things. Therefore, we require a proper attitude towards things around us. To make such an attitude we need to have discipline. Discipline helps design an attitude required to work effectively and positively with the society. Living in a society requires you to be smart to know what to say and when.

Doing what needs to be done is learned by being disciplined. Discipline not only helps us with creating a conscious attitude. It helps us train our mind and body, increasing our focus on our goals and regulates our emotions and helps to work against anxiety and depression. It helps maintaining the peace and order in the society. One of the core qualities of successful man is discipline.

Development of attitude

One of the most important reasons we need discipline is development of positive attitude. Every day we meet many people, face many situations and react to them. Our reactions to them can have many consequences, which might be good or bad. Being mindful of our actions will make our actions better. When out in public, we see people treating each other in many ways.

At some stage, our mind questions these treatments. Lack of discipline can cause us to react wrongly towards people. This lack will not only cause damage to people but also to the person’s own self. Discipline helps a person realize how to develop a good mental attitude. This attitude helps the person to analyze the situation and determine what to do. A person who is not capable of disciplining his mind, will cause harm even when he doesn’t want to.

This harm is not only dangerous to himself, but also to the people he spends time with. Therefore, a conscious mental attitude is required. So, the person, reacts properly to situations he is in. To achieve a such a mental attitude, it is important to discipline the mind. Adapting the right attitude is a very important skill that we need to develop to survive in the society. It creates a lasting impact on the lives of other people as well.

Increased focus

Disciplining oneself both mentally and physically is important to work in a society. It is scientifically proven that regular exercise helps develop a good and healthy body. Research also suggests that physical exercise helps you think more positively. Discipline can help you align your mind and body with your ideas and goals. It is easier to control your thought process and emotions which increases our focus on targets we have set in our minds.

Mostly students, who are well-disciplined, tend to achieve higher grades. They regulate their activities to address both their physical and mental needs. This helps them a lot in their academics, as both their minds and bodies are fresh and active. Not only students, anyone with a well-disciplined life, will find it easier to achieve their goals. Discipline increases the ability of the mind and body to focus on what needs attention.

A person working in a corporate environment or a shop, irrespective of their social standing, discipline can make a his/her life easier. It helps them regulate their activities in routine, which increase their focus on the tasks at hand. This increases their productivity in any activities they do.

Improves mental health

It is obvious that in our modern society, people suffer from anxiety and depression. It would be wrong to entirely blame them for their condition, but there must be something they can do. By disciplining themselves, they can improve their lives. It has been proven through research that teenagers, with poor self-control are more prone to panic attacks. The panic attack leads to undesired consequences. These memories haunt them and cause depression. This is a closed loop which can only be broken with controlling emotions and response to situations.

The ability to control such emotional outbursts can increase a person’s patience and extent of their consciousness. Discipline sets your mind free, from getting stagnated. An unorganized life is bound to have times when the person does nothing. And like the old saying, ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. Not controlling your mind and keeping it free can cause problems. It is literally possible to create depression and problems out of thin air, when you have nothing to do. importance of discipline improves the mental health.

These thoughts can create barriers that can obstruct a peaceful life. These obstructions can be in many shapes including socially, mentally and academically. These people find hard to interact with people as they are anxious, about the scenario they are in. They overthink themselves into imaginary situations, where things are in their worst state.  Disciplined minds can move beyond these obstructions and barriers. Disciplined people ar­e not only a blessing for themselves but they can help others rise from dumps. Such people are assets for the mental health of society.

Maintains peace in society

For a society to work properly, discipline is necessary. If there is no law and order, there would be many bad activities. The society will not be able to run if there are such activities. Discipline is needed to prevent such things in society. By setting rules and regulations, it becomes easier to live in a society. People living in society learn to live together in harmony. These rules help prevent any injustice or problems between people.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, a disciplined person knows how to react to different situations. Such a person understands the consequences of his actions. While living in a society, such a person understands the importance of discipline. He comprehends that if he does something wrong, not only will he lose things of monetary value but also lose respect in eyes of the society. Disciplining the society would mean disciplining every individual living in it. Without discipline, malpractice and vice will grow in a society. It will be impossible to live in such circumstances.

People will do what they desire without thinking about consequences, which will cause riots and unrest. To prevent such situations, it is therefore vital to set up rules and regulations. Setting up examples and punishing those who disobey the law becomes necessary. Only then can society move towards a peaceful and harmonious form.


Discipline is important on both levels, individually for a person and collectively for the society.

It helps a person train his mind to create a conscious mental attitude towards other people in society. The conscious attitude represents his character and thinking. Body and mind are both honed by discipline. Discipline is the anvil for both, as it shapes them to focus more accurately toward their goals. Both anxiety and depression can cause a person to deteriorate mentally and physically. Regulation of emotions through discipline can help deal with problems such as these. Up until this point, discipline seems to address individual problems.

But collectively, discipline can help a person live peacefully and respectfully in society. It prevents serious social problems by upholding law and order. Discipline can regulate society to run in a good way. Society flourishes by practicing discipline. For something to be effective, there needs to a be uniform and consistent effort. Discipline can provide such effort, or else an uneven and unplanned effort can result in failure, even with more than required resources. Importance of discipline would be right to say, ‘Without discipline, there’s no life at all.’

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