Importance of Discipline

Discipline is an integral part of a successful human’s behavior which actually differentiates them from the unsuccessful ones. It is a set of rules and regulations that remind us of a proper code of behavior. One cannot be well educated without a disciplined life. Like most of the things that are hard in life eventually brings fruit. Discipline is one such hard aspect of life which will boost a person to greater heights if practiced properly on a regular basis. The importance of discipline is second to none when it comes to enhancing the person socially, morally and scientifically.


It is a self-improvement and self-enhancement practice that is not easy to attain if one does not start practicing it from the school days. School days are those days where a child develops habits which he/she tends to continue and practice for the rest of his/her life.

A child in school is like the soft clay which the potter uses to create pots. Like the clay, which is soft and can be given different shapes until it dries up and becomes hard. A child in school can be given any shape which he will be able to carry on all through his life.

Once a writer compared the importance of discipline in school to the irrigation canal a farmer builds to irrigate his farm to grow good crops. Like the irrigation canal which provides the field with water systematically and equally. Discipline in school does provide the children with a systemic way of personal orientation which leads them to be better ethically and morally when they grow up.

Like the water in the irrigation canal always tries to build and find cracks in the walls of the canal to spread all over the field at will, children too try to find a way to escape the rules and regulations set by the school in the practice of discipline. The construction of high and strong canal walls makes the water flow properly and irrigate the whole farmland equally. The sets of rules and regulations and the restrictions the school imposes should be strong enough for the children. So that they can’t escape them and eventually incorporate those rules and regulation in their daily lives for making themselves a better human beings of the future.

If these disciplinary habits are not given importance in the school days of a child. It is practically impossible for a grown up human being to incorporate them in their lives.  Why Discipline is Important and its value in our life

There are countless benefits of having a disciplined life. Here are the seven most important reasons why teaching discipline in school is important.

1) Improves Focus in Life

An aspect of life which is very important when it comes to being motivated and successful is Focus. With the right focus, one can accomplish huge things in life. Discipline plays a very important role in maintaining focus in life and restricts an individual from deviating from his goals.

A time (childhood) when the mind is fickle and the spirit high, one is easy to deviate from the main objective of the period – to gain knowledge. Importance of discipline lies right there in keeping the focus of the child in the objectives rather from other interesting and engaging aspects.


Importance of Discipline in School


2) Earns More Respect

Every individual craves for respect. Such an accolade which does not come easy but you have to earn it over time. Having a disciplined life lets you earn respect from your fellow mates and from people surrounding you. It is because maintaining a life full of discipline is a very hard job and most of us succumb to the greed of life. So having a life of discipline in itself makes you a role model of many around you as they look up to you for you are something they cannot be.


Earns More Respect


3) Healthier Life

In a century where people are fighting to live and are fed with all sorts of chemicals in food and air, unhealthiness is evident. No matter the previous generations who comparatively led disciplined lives lived long. To incorporate discipline in a child by making the child wake up early daily in the morning. Just to exercise and preventing him/her from developing bad habits is in a way making up for the worse lifestyle he /she is going to face later on in their lives.


importance of discipline in school student life


4) Staying Active

To stay active is to be able to do all sorts of work in the allotted amount of time and to eradicate laziness from the lifestyle. The child at school with discipline is able to do his/her homework on time. Can gush with self-confidence and enthusiasm over time.


school discipline rules


5) Self Control

The world is full of those things which usually ruins you. To sometimes control yourself from doing something is the wisest decision you take. No matter how interesting that seems like. A man with a disciplined childhood would be able to have better control of him over others who had an undisciplined childhood which reflects in his use of words while talking, to his behavior in instigating situations. Also, he is less likely to get himself entangled in silly situations.


importance of self discipline in school life


6) Better Academic Performance

A child is often judged by the academic performance he shows. A disciplined environment at school ensures that the child is focused on academics and is able to score higher than his undisciplined counterparts.


importance of discipline in school education


7) Stress-Free Life

Most of the people in this world are suffering from a deadly condition called stress. Stress comes from a number of reasons but the most common reasons is undisciplined life. Not able to do work on time and to be unhealthy is the by products of an undisciplined life and that causes stress. Learning discipline in school ensures that you don’t lead a stressful life later on.


what is the importance of discipline in school



There are many other reasons why teaching discipline in school is very important. Learning this skill can enable them to live a better & successful life. It’s the only skill that can take them where they want to go in their life and achieve what they want to achieve.