Importance of Farmer

Farmers are a very important part of the agricultural industry. It is undeniable that without farmers the agricultural system of any state would collapse. Agriculture fulfills the need for food as the grown crops can be harvested like wheat, sugar cane, rice, and many others and then can be processed further until they are ready to be transported.

None of these things would be possible without farmers, as for the growth of healthy crop with a reasonable yield nurturing and care is important which can only be provided by them. Farmers do not only grow food; they grow other crops that are used for clothing. Farmers are the central part of society as some of the reasons given below suggest:

Agricultural Backbone

Farmers hold the backbone of the agricultural system. As it is common knowledge that for a country to progress the gross domestic product should be reasonable, agriculture is one of the important parts. The agricultural system will only run if there are crops being grown and harvested, so this where farmers come in. They help the agricultural sector growth, which not only feeds the local people but also gives the advantage to the economy by exporting the given goods to foreign countries.

For exporting, the material must be of good quality which would be possible when the farmers have been very careful and considerate about the factor influencing the crops. Farmer ensures that these crops are well nurtured so that they can bring high profit for the state. By exporting the goods to other countries, the economy of the state grows, which can be further spent toward the development of the state.

Grow Food

As we might need other professions in our life at a different point in our life, like if we are sick then we go to a doctor, when we need to learn a skill, we need a mentor. These professions are important for us and life would be very difficult without them but life without farmers wouldn’t be sustainable. We all need farmers every day. For the growth of a sound mind in a sound body, we need proper food.

This food is provided by the natural fruits and vegetables grown in crops at different times of the year, depending on the seasons. This proves that the importance of farmers is more than we think, we take their effort and work for granted. We never think twice about the foods we have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

They are responsible for the availability of healthy food at our dining table three times a day. Some plants like cotton are used to make fabrics which are then sewed into clothes, so this indicates that even the clothes we wear have some effort from the farmers in the countryside.

Experienced individual

By spending enough time in the countryside, a farmer gains the experience to know what to do in different scenarios. They know what to do when the weather goes unpredictable, how to avoid waterlogging and salinity, and if they occur how to remedy the situation, and many such things.

On fieldwork makes them more informed and responsive to the issues that need addressing. The more time one spends in a profession, the more he learns. The farmers must plant crops every year, put in fertilizers, and reap the crops when they are ready. The repetitive cycle teaches them which seeds would be better, which fertilizers would give more yield.

In the moment of crisis, they know how to minimize the damage to the crops, like if there is a fire, they know they have to cut out a certain amount of crops, even if it is not ripe, so they can disconnect the fire from the bigger part of the field prevent the destruction of the entire field. Similarly, the experience of farmers helps to deal with similar situations.

Durable asset

One of the main reasons we need farmers is that they are capable of withstanding harsh weather. A person from a corporate background is used to sit in an office and work in an air-conditioned environment. While a farmer must grind in sun and when it’s colder and this helps them to work in different conditions, making them comparatively resilient to harsh changing weather.

People employed in an air-conditioned office might find it harder to walk out in the sun in summers, or cold breeze in winters while farmers are beckoned by the situation. They know their task is at hand and any negligence will affect the annual yield which can devastate the economy of the state.

If they are unable to perform their duty or show ignorance in their labor, it might result in famine or inflation. This feeling of responsibility helps them work under harsher conditions too, after a while they become used to these conditions, hence can do required labor under almost any circumstances. One should acknowledge the importance of farmers as they bear these hardships for their nation.

Disciplined worker

It will not be wrong to say the farmers are such people, which go beyond the call of duty to deliver their work, as the weather conditions may change, or the crops might need to be sprayed for insects and pests. They put in their souls to their task, as they know that their ignorance can cost them the crops which will not only cause the depreciation of the economy but more importantly there will be no food for the people.

Farming is not only about planting and harvesting the crops. They must be properly taken care of the entire year and spraying them timely with pesticides to keep the crops from being eaten. Be cautious of if any natural calamity strikes or in case a fire breaks out. They must be on guard for the crops as neglecting their duty might result in loss of year-long hard work in addition to the fatal blow to the economy of a possible famine.

Selfless citizen

While a person in a corporate environment might need incentives and constant reminders to work efficiently.  A farmer on the other hand doesn’t need huge monetary rewards for his labor. They only need the required resources to grow crops like fertilizers, seeds, and materials required to cut the crops in the harvesting season.

Apart from these utilities, farmers do not require much motivation to work. As they have enough sense of responsibility on their mind. They know in order to feed their own family and the entire country. They must give their best to the task at hand. This is enough motivation for them to give their best effort and to be cautious about their duties.

Symbol of dedication

Farmers a symbol of hard work and dedication, so society can look up to them as a source of inspiration. Farmer’s day is a public holiday in some countries on different days, 12th October in the United States of America and 23rd December in India.

The main idea of this event is to encourage and appreciate the efforts of farmer communities. These communities help the growth of the agricultural sector and keep our hunger satisfied. On this day, people recognize their efforts and dedication they put for them every year. They acknowledge their importance in their lives, and this is seen as a very warm gesture by the farming communities.


By seeing all the given factors, it can be safely said that farmers are a vital part of our society. They help us to fulfill our basic needs of food and clothing ourselves. We cannot deny their importance as their efforts make our regular day life run smoothly. Help the agricultural sector of the country.

They are a mark of dedication and perseverance as society looks up to them as a source of inspiration. Some countries like the USA, India, Ghana, Nepal. Few other countries celebrate Farmer’s day to boost their morale. Appreciate their efforts for keeping the society well-fed and the economy blooming.  Other countries should also recognize the importance of their farmers and appreciate them. As the saying goes,

In the winter’s chill or the summer’s heat

a farmer works so the world can eat.

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