Importance of First Aid

It is not possible to deny the importance of first aid numerous fields of life. Life would be very difficult if we don’t have first aid available.  It must be made clear that first aiders are not doctors. They are just people with basic medical awareness of how to initially deal with the traumas and injuries. Before handing the person over to proper medical centers if the injury is serious.

Importance of first aid in school

Though, importance of first aid cannot be ignored in any walk of life but in case of school the first aid is necessary. Young children move around in large numbers in and out of class. Sometimes unfortunately, the children might run, accidentally fall and hurt themselves. In such cases, immediate medical attention should be given to the injured child. As the delay may cause other problems, like blood loss or swelling. Children do not always understand the severity of the injuries.

First aid kits are kept in multiple departments to make sure it reaches the required place in times. So treatment can be given to the injured child. Not only the staff, even the children should be given the basic idea of what first aid is and how significant it is in their lives. It does not matter which passion or interest they plan to chase in their later lives. But they should have a basic knowledge of how to deal with minor injuries and basic medical treatment. This will not only help them to save lives of others but also help themselves. When they face minor accidents in their lives even when they grow older.

why first aid box is required

Importance of first aid in sports

Sports are played usually outdoors like football, rugby, cricket, hockey and many such games. Such sports require exertion of physical capacity to their maximum. During such intense practices, many injuries occur, and injured players need to be treated right away. If not, they might face a wound that might last a very long time and might be fatal to their lives. In many cases, if the medical attention is not given to the injured player. They might not be able to play again for the rest of their lives.

First aid is important in sports, as the people are given proper training on how to deal with different injuries and in case of sports, special training is given to the individuals equipped with the first aid kits. Every sport has cases where serious injuries can occur, for instance in rugby players keep bumping into each other and it many times some of the players can end up with serious injuries. These players need to be given the initial treatment right away so they can bear the pain and can be handed over to the doctors to check the severity of their injuries.

Similarly, football, cricket, hockey and all such physical sports involve a high risk of injuries and wounds so first aid kit are always kept a moment notice, so they can be deployed as soon as possible to the field.

importance of first aid training in the workplace

Importance of first aid in industry

The modern era owes all the convenience and ease to the industrialization. Huge factories and industries have made mass production of the different articles much easier than ever before. A lot of work is automated, but still human resources is needed to keep check of the proper flow of control and quality of the work being done.

Even though, proper safety measures are taken, and certain policies are passed to make sure the environment is kept clear and healthy but there is always a chance that something may go wrong. That is why first aid kits are put in different departments so they can deploy as soon as anything unfortunate occurs. Even though, safety measures are taken and deployed in industries but there are always accidents going on in the industries.

As the quote goes, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine.’, first aid as the name implies, is the ‘first’ medical attention that needs to be given to the victim. The very point of first aid is to minimize any further harm which can be caused by the situation and secure the victim so they can be handed over to proper medical authorities.

importance of first aid training in the workplace

Importance of first aid in laboratory

Working in laboratory is complicated task. Many chemicals are meant to dealt in different manners and if proper care is not taken, it may cause a disaster. Importance of first aid is unique in terms of chemical laboratories. Different chemicals can cause wide range of injuries and effects that can long for a huge time period. Medical attention is very variant in laboratories, as there are different chemicals and substances which might.

For example, in case of cryosurgery from liquid nitrogen the affected area must be washed with water for a few minutes and then first aid should be given. Similarly, there are many other cases where the first aid must be provided in a specific manner and time so the damage can be minimized, and lives can be saved. There are many such gases which cause temporary problems and do not require any medical treatment like sulfur hexafluoride makes the voice deeper and the effects wear off by themselves. But first aiders should know the severity of the situation so they can give the aid to the person suffering from a burn or injury.

importance of first aid in schools

Importance of first aid in personal life

As stated earlier, the importance of first aid cannot be ignored in any part of life. Everyone should have a basic idea of dealing with an immediate medical situation. Accidents are not confined to academic, industrial or sport domains. It can happen in our everyday life, when we are enjoying a trip to Murree or doing homework in our living room.

There is quote, ‘Never say that’s not going to happen to me, life has a funny way of proving you wrong.’ It signifies the idea that anything can happen to anyone at any time. So, it’s good to have proper basic medical training, so you can at least treat yourself in minor injuries and in case of other people, you can give first aid to make the situation bearable for the victim so no further harm is caused and the person can safely be handed over to the proper medical care. One should take responsibility when something wrong happens around him/her and do what needs to be done to make situation better for the victim.

importance of first aid


First aid has a lot of significance in our lives. Academic institutions and different industries have made proper departments to deal with medical emergencies usually, with the name of ‘Emergency Medical Services’ abbreviated as EMS. Every first aid day is observed on 12, September to give awareness on people on how basic medical attention at proper times can save lives.

Countless people lose their lives annually which can be saved if simple medical care is provided in the critical time. Though, we have advanced in medicine in last couple of centuries but there needs to be a basic training every person should have. So they can take certain measures in medical cases to prevent further harm. To secure the person before the proper medical service is provided.