The Importance of Friendship in our Lives [15 Reasons]

Friendship actually doesn’t fit into any definition. It’s a relationship that cannot be described with words.

Friends are those who make you feel good about yourself, who will laugh at the most embarrassing moment of your life to make you feel lighter. They are the ones who will be there for you during happiness and at times when you need them most.

When the world turns back at you they will be there right by your side. The importance of friendship in our life is beyond any description.

The basic foundation of every relationship is friendship. Whether it’s a relationship with your spouse, children, coworker, or your neighbor, the friendship will form the base of the relationship. Without friends, life would be dull and meaningless.

Here are 15 reasons why friendship is so important.

1. Supports us in bad times

Everybody goes through some difficult phases in life. During those times you need a shoulder to cry on. Friends can give exactly that. They will be there to listen to your nonsense talks and still acknowledge whatever you are saying to lighten your heart.

They will be there to give you advice on how to pull through the difficult time you are passing. They will show you the kindness that you need when you are in trouble. They are the ones who understand you and no matter what the situation is will give you positive energy.


Importance Of Friendship In Our Life


2. Improves the quality of life

Just imagine how life would be without friends. There will be no one to cheer with you for your favorite team, you won’t have anyone to hang out with when you have nothing to do. They make our boring days full of fun.

Overall, they add meaning to your life. With friends, you laugh out loud which makes you energetic and healthy. It can help you to overcome depression and so helps in improving your mental health as well.


Importance of friendship essay


3. Keeps us active

Friends will be up to anything at any time. They can take you on an adventure ride or to someplace that’s beautiful. When you don’t have any friends, you will probably spend time alone in the house playing video games or watching TV. But with friends, you are likely to go out and play or visit clubs and other places.

Friends will always keep you on your toes and so you will be active all day. This will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


importance of friendship day


4. Share secrets

We all have some dark secrets in life and friends are like secret banks where your secrets are absolutely safe. You can talk about your silly mistakes, family problems, etc. with your friends. You can simply pour your heart out with your friends.


what is the importance of friendship


5. Boosts self-confidence

Sometimes we are in doubt about our abilities and decisions. But friends will never doubt you. They will be there to encourage you to move forward in life. No matter how difficult a task may be to achieve, they will push you to overcome all the obstacles and accomplish that task.

They will help to make your dreams and goals come true by cheering you from the sidelines. They believe in you and that’s the most important driving force you need to go ahead in life.


the importance of friendship article


6. Comfort zone

You can be by yourself when you are with your friends. Whether you are in pajamas, drooling face, or without makeup, they simply don’t care. They love you just the way you are. They have seen you in the ugliest appearances and worst situations in life. They know you inside out.

They know your weaknesses, flaws, dark past, everything and still, they are by your side. There is no need to pretend in front of them. So, you are in your comfort zone when you are with your friends.


importance of friendship for children


7. Reality check

Friends have the ability to predict situations that we can’t. For example, they will know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you; or they will tell you whether your outfit looks good or outrageous.

They will bring the harsh truth in front of you without making you feel down. Friends will always bring you back to reality when you are roaming around the 7th heaven.


essay the importance of friendship


8. Unconditional love

Our family loves us because we share blood. But friends love us without any such condition. They give us unconditional love without expecting anything in return. Whenever you need them they will be beside you no matter what the situation is. They will be always there to support you.

You will only get this type of love from your family. We share the most amazing relationship with our friends and the times spent with them become the most memorable ones in our lives.


importance of friendship


9. Lots of fun

You will never hear the most hilarious jokes unless you are with your friends. Gossiping about others, talking about the new movie or song releases, going to concerts and clubs, all these happen when you are with your friends. Those long hours of gossiping over the phone or in-person will enlighten your heart forever. Being with friends is an instant mood booster. We spend the most joyous and exciting times of our lives with friends.


the importance of friendship for children


10. Makes relationships stronger

A long-term relationship will only work if there is friendship. If there is no friendship there won’t be the trust, love, and support that you need. So, friendship is actually the core of every relationship.


Makes relationships stronger


11. Mental Growth

Friendships help the mind blossom into a healthy garden and protect it from withering away. Friends help you overcome gloomy thoughts of your mind. They help you focus on important things in life.  They can refresh your thoughts with humor and fun activities.

Friendship trains your mind to leave negative thoughts behind. Negative thoughts can infest your mind. They eat away the happiness of a person. It becomes hard for the person to focus on positive things in life. Friends are one of the best cures for this problem. Friends can pull you out of bad mental situations. They help us see things with more clarity. They show us the brighter side of our problems. By focusing on the positive side, one can overcome these problems. When you are alone, it is not possible to face your problems alone, all the time.

We need someone to share our problems with. Someone who can hear your problems without judging you. Friends try their level best to help you beat ill thoughts and move toward a more positive approach to life. Friendships help your mental health from getting destroyed and disturbed. Friends are the gardeners of a person’s mentality.


importance of good friends


12. Stress Control

Having friends can be stress relieving. Friends get your mind to get off the boring routines or the stressful problems in your life. They are there when your life seems a mess. Friends make you see your mistakes in a constructive way. You can improve your ways of doing things.

Friends know how to make you realize your faults. They do not make you ashamed or embarrassed in front of other people. They mend our ways and bring out the best versions of ourselves.

When you are stuck in the grinding routines of academic classes or work at the office, friends are there to make you feel better. Friendships help you release your stress from such monotonous routines. Friends engage in meaningful conversations with you. While living one’s life, there are many times when one needs guidance and advice.

At times, we act stubborn or inclined toward doing things without thinking through. The mind goes blind during that time and does not think of consequences. Friends are there to talk sense to you so you can see the error of your ways. They prevent us from making mistakes which we might regret later in our life. These mistakes might also cause harm to other people, as well as the person himself.


stress control


13. Physical Growth

Not only mental, but physical health is also improved along with friends. As friends participate in different physical activities, they convince you to participate too. Sports and games help you gain a healthy and sound body. Playing sports increases the capacity of both the mind and the body. Playing with friends becomes even more healthy, as they teach you along. If you can’t do a certain thing, they will help you achieve that through different techniques.

Friends do not mock you for your physical health or appearance. They try to improve you along with themselves. They invest time and effort in you to make you a better person.

Both physical and mental health are complements for each other. A person who is mentally healthy will be more inclined to physical activities. Hence, it will make his physique better.

The involvement of friends boosts both, mental and physical health. Friends keep your spirits high during sports. They congratulate you when you win and encourage you to try harder when you fail. They do not make you feel weak or incompetent. Acknowledgment from friends builds confidence in an individual. This confidence helps that person break out of an unhealthy routine. The individual tends to indulge himself in more fruitful and healthy activities.


14. Social Improvement

Friends are good for Social company. As people move into society, it would not be possible for people to completely alone. People need company and friends are the best company one can have. Friends are considerate towards what you like and dislike. Friends help you become more socially active and smart. By staying with good friends, one learns manners and attitude one should have in social gatherings.

Some people can make you socially anxious and insecure. One needs to learn how to deal with such situations and people. Friends prove to be of great value in such scenarios. They try to prevent such situations from occurring. If somehow, these situations do occur, they stick up for you. Gradually, the individual becomes adept at the skill of interaction and communication.


15. Giving the ‘Push’

Friends are one of the valuable assets of life. Friendship helps you build one another and can aid you in overcoming your fears and achieving the goals of your life. Many times, in life, there are some fears that stop people from striving for what they desire. Friends push you out of your comfort zone so you can learn new things. They make you realize that the fear is only a voice in our head. This voice keeps feeding negativity to the mind. This negativity creates barriers in way of healthy thinking.

Overcoming fear makes it easier to do things. Like if you want to do a certain task. Friends will help you by teaching and making you understand that it is not hard to do. They will appreciate your effort, even when you feel like quitting. At times, they will add humor to the situation, to make you feel less discouraged at your failures. They will keep you at it and after some time you will get better at that thing. Without friends, it would be very difficult. Friends make achieving your goals easier.


Friendship fills your life with meaning

A person who stays lonely and does not have friends will find it hard to live with people. They have trouble in determining what to do. Friendships add purpose to life, as friends encourage you to achieve things that you want. They help you move through life with a more determined and focused approach. Good friends are hard to find, one must invest time and effort into people in making friends.

Friends stick with you through the harsh and worst times of your life. When one feels completely lost and broken, friends come to aid. Friends see through your smiles and know when you are hurt. They know you better than other people. Not everyone understands the intent and purpose of your action and words. Friends respect your ideas and thoughts.

We, as humans, have the desire to be understood. Friends fulfill this desire and help you contain your mind and thoughts. They understand and know about what you really are. As it rightly said, ‘One of the most beautiful qualities of friendship is to understand and to be understood.’

As the saying goes, “Anything is possible if you have the right people beside you”. It means when you have good friends in your life, the goals of your life become easier to achieve. Friends are an important part of one’s life, as they are there for you in your problems and hard times. Life without friends, will not be an easy one.

Final Thoughts

Unless you are suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD), there is no reason why you shouldn’t have friends. Only people with this syndrome tend to avoid friendships altogether.

The reasons just mentioned here are enough to understand the importance of friendship. You shouldn’t miss the chance of making new friends. You should always appreciate the love and care they give you.

After school and college days you will be heading in different directions in life. But if your friendship is strong then you will always find them beside you when you need them even after years of separation. Friends are someone who is not related to you by blood, but sometimes they are closer to you than your own relatives.

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