Importance of Internet

Internet has changed the world in many ways. The current world will face dire consequences if the internet stops working. The world, as we know it has become a global village. We are connected faster than ever before.

It is a blessing for the world as it has brought together the people of multiple cultures and backgrounds together. Socially, economically and academically internet is very significant. Distance seems of less significance due to the advent of internet. People can interact with each other, even if they are on the far corner of the world.

Business can be conducted overseas between people, having to travel to discuss the deals. Through internet it’s possible to do these deals easily by communicating, while sitting in your living room. Internet is one of the best sources of knowledge.

Books, articles, blogs, news and many other items are in abundance on internet. Learning a new subject or doing research on a project is easier now. The whole connected world provides the shared knowledge of people to every other person connected on the internet.

Faster Communication

Internet has made it easier to people to talk to their loved ones, irrespective of physical distance. The world we live in has diverse needs and hence, need people to move around. It is impossible for the people to stay together all the time. For the people to be connected, internet has provided many platforms.

Applications like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp help people communicate with each other. People are literally a text away from each other. It is possible to make audio or video calls to each other, people can not only hear one another but also see them, as if they are sitting in front of them.

People can keep their friends and family updated on their daily life routines. They do this by putting up their statuses or uploading their pictures on social media platforms. People can express their ideas and thoughts on different ongoing activities in the world. They can be political, educational or related to entertainment.

Other people can comment their opinion on the same matter or share the original post if they find it convincing. These social applications keep the people connected from multiple backgrounds. People from all over the world, from different nations, ethnicities, cultures or creed can join these platforms.

Evolved Business

Almost the whole business industry is dependent on internet. It is easier to make business deals through internet. As it involves less physical movement, it also reduces the cost to communicate with other business persons. It would not be wrong to say that economy of the world depends on internet.

Stock exchanges are only possible through internet. Economy is greatly influenced by stock exchanges, as services are sold and bought online. Business person interact with each other, negotiate a deal and make transactions between them. Internet has brought revolution to world of business.

As the both the buyer and seller can easily make deals. The buyer can leave reviews for the services provided. This can help the buyer to expand his business. The positive reviews will boost the business. If the provided services are not up to a certain reasonable criterion, the reviews will be negative.

The system of reviewing ensures a system of merit, keeping the capable sellers above the others. This idea would be difficult to implement in real life, as lots of records would have to be maintained. But through internet, the record management is easier and faster. Hence, the productivity will increase, and the economy will thrive in favor of those who work better.

Source of News

Internet is one of biggest sources of information. Ranging from political news to weather reports, internet holds a lot information for people. It has kept common informed on global issues including political, weather and entertainment. People sitting in their living room can see what is happening on the other side of the world.

By knowing that how the weather will be shifting, people plan recreational trips. If the weather is not suitable, they can reschedule their plans, weather news can help people in saving time and resources. Not only recreational trips, information of weather helps people plan different events, which otherwise would be spoiled.

Some of the examples would be concerts, camping or wedding ceremonies. Internet also keeps the people updated on the latest movies and TV shows. People can know in which movie their favorite actor or actress are appearing. Political news is very important, as people run campaigns for elections.

Different politicians present their agendas through campaigning, both physically and through internet. The news that people receive orients their life style and thinking. So technically, internet has also influenced life style of people through provision of information. Since internet is an ocean, brimming with information.

So, the possibility of finding wrong information is also there. It is important to check the source of information, as it can be fake. Wrong news or information can cause a lot of problems. It is always wise to verify information before passing it on to people.

Hoaxes are very common on internet. As the world is connected so closely, so it also easy to spread a lie. Keeping all this in mind, using internet wisely can help a person know what’s happening in the world.

Abundant Source of Knowledge

Not only internet keeps us informed, it also provides us knowledge. To learn a new language or a new skill, one usually to has travel and find a tutor. The person must go through the trouble of traveling long distance and finding a proper tutor that meets his needs. Internet has addressed this issue too.

It has connected the world in such a way that knowledge of one person is available to everyone. If one needs to learn a language or a skill, he simply needs to google tutors or application. After googling, he needs to pick the one which suits him. Similarly, students all over the world can do research on their projects or learn more about their subjects through internet.


Old books and articles also are a great source of information. Reading up on history and creating a claim is easier when you resource such as internet. It lets you look up different references which can be compiled and verified. After a thorough research, one can publish his/her own work so to contribute to the vast set of organized knowledge.

Internet has vast number of uses. Various social applications have connected people together. This enables them to interact with each other. The world of business has experienced great changes after the usage of internet. Global economy is dependent on the proper working of internet.

Business deals involving millions are made every day on the internet. Information can be given and taken easily through internet. Though, one needs to be mindful of the sources of the information. As information governs the way people think and act, so internet plays an important role in it. Internet is a blessing, but it can also be a curse.

People can use internet to anonymously capture people’s data and know what they are doing. This can cause many problems, as the privacy of individuals is breached. But this can scale up to spying on business individuals and taking leverage over them to cause loss to their business.

On a bigger extent, spying on technology researches by different countries can cause serious problems for the world peace. Modern world is completely based on internet. Internet is very powerful which can used for both construction and destruction of the society.