Lesson Planning

Realizing the importance of a lesson is necessary as it the first and most lengthy part of the planning for
a certain problem. If there are a problem and solution is not completely thought through, then changes
are made in between the processes which can be costly and inefficient. While on the other hand, if a
problem is properly analyzed and the planning phase is worked upon and all possible scenarios have
been thought through, the goal can be achieved easily and with fewer resources.

Planning the structure

Lesson planning helps the teacher structure the syllabus in such a way that they can be easily the
student. It reduces the burden for both the student and teacher. The teacher knows which topics they
will be teaching on a certain day, so s/he can prepare the required material for that day. The importance
of the lesson plan is there because if the teacher doesn’t plan how to teach the students. They might
end up burdening the students with so much workload that they won’t be able to understand the
lesson. While if the teacher doesn’t plan properly, the children might end up learning only a small
portion of what was the original objective of the class. Either of the results would be bad, there needs to
be a balance of structure of course in such a way that the children are neither burdened nor left so
work-free that they learn nothing. Structuring a course would mean planning the lesson in smaller parts
in such a way that one part builds on another.

For example, if the teacher wants to teach basic
arithmetic operations to the students, the teacher needs to work step by step. First, the teacher needs
to teach addition and how they carry is taken from unit places to tens. Once the kids have a grasp on
dealing with numbers, they can easily move towards other operations. Similarly, planning the structure
of the syllabus can make it easier for the teacher and students equally. When the students are at ease,
they will find it easier to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, when the teachers
are less stressed by the work, they can help the students work on their weaknesses. It will create a
healthy and durable bond between the students, which will positive for both the students and the
teachers. Through this bond, a student finds it easier to set academic goals for their lives as the teacher
share their own experience of how they became so academically accomplished.

components of lesson planning


Planning the method

After planning out the structure of how much to teach in a time, the teacher needs to plan the teaching
method to employ. The importance of the selection of proper teaching methods is almost the same as
the importance of the lesson plan. The teaching method for children would be much different than the
method of teaching college or university students. One of the best teaching methods is relating to
analogies with real life.

The lesson can be made much simpler by relating a regular day example that
every student has experienced or at least understands. For example, in terms of teaching the concept of
digital messaging the teacher can use the example of letter delivery. To deliver a letter from person A,
the person needs to write a letter and send the letter through the post to person B. Now the teacher
can move to the original idea of how the two different people send messages through the internet and
how the whole internet mechanics work. It helps all students to tune into the same idea and makes it
easier for them to understand a complex problem. Using analogies is just one of the teaching methods,
the teacher can also use demonstration through act or by drawing on the whiteboard. The teacher

needs to assess which teaching method would be most effective. If most of the class shows interest in
written work, the teacher should employ the use of whiteboard so the student can take notes and revise
them before any test or quiz. While if the students are inclined toward more interactive learning, the
teacher should make open questions against the topic from the students and encourage participation.
This will help students to develop personal skills and the ability to speak up. This method gives
confidence to the students and making them vocal about their opinion on the topic at hand. Method of
teaching is not always meant to teach the given topic to the students, it also defines other skills that one
should have in an academic career.

importance of lesson plan


Keeping the goal in mind

Another part of lesson planning is remembering the aim and objectives of the class. Recognizing our
goals is easier when we keep some distinct and simple questions in our minds. Some of those questions
are; what level of understanding those people need to have for the given topic or what should the
students be capable of after the lecture ends? Keeping such queries in mind helps the teacher to plan
the lesson in such a way that students are not only able to understand the lessons but also the
application it has in lives.

The teacher should make tests and quizzes after a few lectures to make sure
that the children are understanding what they are teaching them in the classes. This helps the teacher to
assess which students are paying attention in classes and which are being non-serious about their
studies. The students cannot only be divided into these two categories, many students keep trying but
fail to understand the lesson. Again, the method or structure needs modifying for the children so they
can catch up with other students. Keeping the statistics of the scores of the students can help the
teacher in modifying the lesson plan, accordingly, making it better for the future batches of students.

The teacher should always have the end in their mind of what skill set and ability the students must have
at the end of the course. They can do this by planning every class agenda, so they can determine what is
the pace at which the class can learn. The teacher should also set up office hours in such a way that if a
student is unable to understand a part of a topic, they can drop by them in their office timings and learn
them correctly.

components of lesson planning



Pakistan is one of those countries where the importance of lesson planning is not stressed enough. If we
want to improve as a nation and progress as fast as other developing nations, we need to develop
proper lesson plans for our teacher to follow so they can teach the children effectively. When the
teacher starts the teacher properly, the students will become more capable of filling important
vacancies that we have in our industry and government. It is a process which going to improve as we
create more capable and accomplished people as our leaders, then they will make better policies which
will make the process easier and better for the newer generation. Only then will we be able to flourish
and grow as a nation and keep up with the growing world.