Importance of Media

The importance of media has grown exponentially over the last century. The world has grown into a ‘global village’, we are so easily connected with people all around the globe. Mobiles, TVs, computers, and the internet have become a common source of information for everyone.  Media is deeply rooted in our lives that it is significant in our personal lives, as well as business, politics, and society. We cannot imagine a world without media. Because we are too used to the idea of simply turning on the television and seeing what is going on in the world.


Media in personal life

Media has a strong significance in an individual’s life. It defines how a person thinks, lives and acts to a large extent. Mostly everyone in this modern era owns a smartphone and uses social applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Whats-app. People keep in touch with their friends and family. Even with being physically apart in hundreds of miles, social media has made it easier for us to talk to anyone sitting anywhere across the globe. Media has redefined our idea of ‘connection’. It never breaks because we can always talk and see our people anywhere in the world.

The personal life of every individual is deeply influenced by media. We need to define the boundary of how much attention we give to it and how we let it affect us. Although it’s a blessing to be in touch with everyone in the world care needs to be taken. So that one does not get the addiction to the idea of staying online and start ‘living’ online. Study and research show that people start idealizing the idea that recognition online is more important. People start comparing their lives to others.  Which results in depression and anxiety which is bad for mental health.

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Media in business

The business has evolved over the last couple of centuries, since the industrialization era. Media has always played an important role in business. Different brands and companies advertise their products in events and billboards. Not only in this way, but they also advertise through social media. Computer engineers have worked such algorithms that show each advertisement, according to their recent searches. It helps to find the proper product for their use, while at the same time the business of the said product also grows. Social media is one of the most powerful tools to market ideas.

In the current era, the importance of media needs to be acknowledged in business. Not only does it help with the selling of the products. But social media can also help by collecting reviews and feedback from the customers. Customers can tell the companies what they liked about the products. So they can keep that feature retained in the product. They can also tell the shortcomings of the products. So the company can work on improving that or removing it if it doesn’t fit well with the reviews for a longer time.

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Media in politics

Since this the age of information and as said earlier that world has become a ‘global village’, importance of media in politics cannot be denied. Due to fast communication through the internet. News can be spread from one place to another in a matter of seconds now. Political campaigns are run on social media on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The supporter of the party or the associated group shows integration with their leaders by liking and sharing their political posts. The amount of people sharing a certain hashtag on Twitter brings the matter to trending, making the whole platform aware of a certain idea or thought.

This shows how powerful media is in politics, it can be used for many good causes. But it also is abused if the wrong information is given to the people. The speed of spread of information is not always a blessing because if a correct thing can be spread in a fraction of second. So can wrong information be fed to the people to make them think in a certain way. This can cause a lot of damage and problem in the society we live in. Social media has designed such ways that some sources verify their news before releasing them out to the public. Which makes things less problematic. Different news sources can get themselves verified by the platform. For instance, Twitter and Facebook have a certain verified icon, confirming that the source of information is not fake. This makes the flow of information less uncertain.

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Media in education

The era we live in has information beyond we can ever learn. Media has given access to books and articles published, which not everyone can access physically. Getting help for assignments and homework is easy with the internet. One can learn how to calculate complex mathematical equations and match a certain DNA strand to check which species it belongs to. If someone wants to learn about economics, that person can take tuition from people online, even when they are physically living miles away. Learning a new skill or a subject is not a problem in this age of information.

The importance of media in education is much more than we can imagine. Platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow and GeeksForGeeks provide space for the computer majors to interact and share solutions to their problems. Once the solution is put up, anyone can use it to make something of his own. Similarly, disciplines have other platforms to help people with the same educational career to share knowledge to learn more efficiently. As multiple solutions refine a concept more clearly. Educational resources have never been vast than they are in this era and the internet is the biggest proof of this claim. One google search of a certain topic and then within a fraction of seconds, millions of search results are shown out of which the user can pick the desired one.

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Media in society

We humans need to interact and communicate with each other. Media has made it much easier for people to connect all over the world. People can stay in contact with their loved ones, colleagues and their clients. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whats-app, and many others help people from different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicity, and nationalities to communicate with one another. Society flourishes when it tolerates different cultures and ethnicity. It propagates the idea of unity and harmony among people when they participate in festivals of other cultures.

For example, when there is the event of Eid, Google changes the picture of its search engine greeting all Muslims Eid Mubarak. Similarly, on different religious and cultural events, many different platforms give greetings to the community celebrating that festival or event. Media also helps society by raising awareness about different issues that are not usually addressed.

We can find many examples, like in news help in raising an issue and the government takes notice and produces action to apply the solution to solve that problem. Twitter is one of the biggest examples of raising awareness. The concept of ‘hashtag’ has brought an interesting effect in the world. When there is something people want to share and express their concern, they post it on Twitter with a certain hashtag, when people who share the common idea also share this hashtag it makes propagation on the list of hashtags and brings the issue to the attention of everyone on the platform.
importance of media in education


Media has evolved rapidly over the last couple of centuries. The age of the internet and 4G has taken the world by storm. Information is a huge ocean in the world these days, but we need to be careful enough not to drown in hoaxes and wrong information. We should verify the things we see and hear on the media. Media is a blessing for humans as it plays a vital role in our personal lives and many other walks of our lives. Media should be used to make our lives easier and simpler. It all depends on how we use and process the information given to us by media, which means that it’s us who decide whether media is a blessing or a curse.