Importance of Natural Resources

The planet Earth we live on has countless resources that we have been using ever since the beginning of time. The importance of natural resources is too much to ignore as it strongly linked with the basic needs of human society. The food we cook, the clothes we wear and all the things we use in our daily lives are made from the natural resources from Earth.

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Importance of Natural Resources in our life

Natural resources have great significance in our life. We take these resources for granted and are not thankful enough. Water, natural gas and crops are some of the most common natural resources we have in our daily lives. Water is the biggest natural resource on the planet Earth and is the most important for making it possible for life to exist on Earth. This vital natural resource is covering about seventy-five percent of the Earth.

The human body needs water to do all the bodily functions some of them being the metabolism and the maintenance of body temperature. Not only humans but also every other living being including all the animals and plants need water to survive. An interesting fact is that water is not only important for the organism living outside it. Aquatic life depends on water, it cannot survive without water even for a small time. Water is fuel for all organisms which reside on this planet. Apart from water, gas is another important natural resource found by digging up the Earth. It is important for cooking food, maintaining warm temperatures in cold areas and using for recreational purposes.

Food both in terms of vegetarian and non-vegetarians mostly needs cooking so it can be made edible for us to eat. We need fuel for cooking and natural gas is one of the most common candidates for the application. As the human body needs to have a suitable temperature to live, there are places where there is too cold, so the fire is use to warm up places like homes, workplaces so the people can work easily without discomfort of cold.

Crops and plants also provide natural resources that we get for many of our regular daily tasks. Trees provide wood for making paper, academic institutions and workplaces are using paper on very large scales. Not only paper, but trees also provide fruits and vegetables which we use for eating to get proper health nutrition. Trees and crops also keep the climate stable and prevent floods and protect the soil from erosion.

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Importance of Natural Resources in the economy

The economy owes a lot the natural resources which are used in industries to produce articles sold in the market on large scales. The power of, the most important natural resource, water is the main role-player in the production of electricity. The industry is using electricity to run heavy machinery to create the products which are sent to the market. Using these natural resources, the nation exports the products made by its industrial sector. Boosting of the economy is also done through export, as the profits from the sold articles go to the treasury. These profits help to improve other dimensions of the nations. Infrastructure is mainly dependent on the natural resources invested in them. Managing natural resources can result in the improvement of the infrastructure, as transportation becomes through better roads and power supplies.

Clothing companies and brands use animal skins and crops to make clothes of high quality which are sold all over the world. This creates competition in the market, making the economy flourish. We use skins from animals like sheep, cows, and many others to make different types of clothes, depending upon the seasons and the events happening around in the world. The cloth is not only made for human wear but also other purposes like bedsheets, curtains and tablecloths and many others.

These items are also featured by different brands and it increases the capital of those brands and consequently, the economy is also influenced by these brands. Many natural resources are extracted from the ground. Some of them serve the basic purpose in many industries like coal, natural gas, petroleum. The industrial system would collapse if we run out the natural resources, we need a constant supply of these natural resources to stay up and running. So that technically means that natural resource importance as far as the basic structure of a nation.

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Importance of Natural Resources in agriculture

Agriculture is important both for domestic life and the economy for a country. Every living creature on this planet needs food and water to live. As mentioned earlier, water is of primary importance in our daily lives. Pakistan has one of the best irrigation systems in the world. These systems are used to irrigate the field so that the crops can grow. When the crops are sown, they need water regularly. Doing it manually is not an easy task, all the time so canals are made for the adequate flow of water from the nearby river to the fields. Water is the life of agriculture and it is the reason for the life of all the crops and trees.

Minerals are used as fertilizers to increase the yield of the crops. Even after proper plantation of crops and proper irrigation through the system of canals, it might not have all the required sources of elements it needs to grow. To meet these shortcomings, fertilizers are there to provide those elements, so the crops can grow easily and have a larger and healthier yield. Not only vegetation, but animals are also part of agriculture and they also count towards natural resources.

Chickens, goats, sheep, cows and many such animals are grown at farms for their resources. Chicken is grown for eggs and their meat. Goats and cows provide milk and provide better meat, which has more nutrition than chicken. Clothes are made through the wool. Many other such animals are reared on farms for food or clothing. As mentioned earlier, water is the most basic natural resources, it also the source of aquaculture. Aquaculture means the idea of making aquatic farms, where breeding of different species is done for later use. The fishes when are fully grown, are taken from the farm and cooked for their nutrition. For moreĀ  information

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Natural resources are necessary for the survival of humankind on this planet. We should have an acknowledging behavior towards the importance of natural resources. We should be working toward using these resources in a well-mannered way. Although it may not sound like a huge thing, we should close water taps properly after using them and turn off lights when we are not using them. Similarly, we need to make sure to use an only adequate amount of natural resources. As different researches show that in a few years almost many countries might face water scarcity. It would be a devastation to not have water, as it can cause unrest among people and the world might move toward an unstable situation.