Network security means security of Networks likewise hardware, software, business applications from access of unauthorized users and any change by unauthorized. Most importantly Importance of network security is the backbone for any organization /country. Above all threat to the networks are becoming more and more complex every passing day. Similarly, same requires more money, focused and specialized HR to ensure the security. Hence, Network consists of three broader categories.

  1. Local Area Network: it means Network within a particular area, same building also.
  2. Metropolitan Area Network: Network that is combination of several buildings within same town.
  3. Wide Area Network: Network that is not dependent on geographical locations.

In today’s era probably Importance of network security cannot be denied. Therefore, Information and daily business of organizations directly depends on the secure and reliable network. Most noteworthy network security ensures reliability and security of the information and data. Network security includes three types of controls.

Types of Network Security Control:

  1. Physical control of network: Physical control includes installation of physical barriers, security systems, gates, secure rooms for hardware, bio-metric verification for access control etc.
  2. Technical Control of network: it includes logically implementation of updated and verified anti viruses or any other software’s, installation of registered software only etc.
  3. Administrative control of Network: Likewise It includes implantation of policies, guidelines, procedures and instructions of an organizations. These policies must ensure that they cover all aspects of the network security and they must define the duties and responsibilities of the individuals.

How To Ensure Network Security In An Organization:

Certainly to secure any network within an organization following steps/actions also needs to completed/undertaken in true letter and spirit because they are important:

  1. First of all, Establishment of dedicated department within an organization also to ensure network security that must include IT experts as SMEs (Subject matter Experts).
  2. IT staff should have admin rights only.
  3. Internet access must denied on PCs of LAN.
  4. Furthermore, No USBs on all PCs.
  5. Likewise, conduct of  training sessions of employees  within an organization to highlight and educate the employees.
  6.  Installation of Seals on USB Ports .
  7. Activity should be monitoring through software’s on the network.
  8. Above all, Physical security of all storage devices and hardware.
  9. Most importantly sharing of information on need to know basis by the employees.
  10. Implementation of Password protection on entire data also.
  11. Consequently, backup of storage devices also to be available whenever required because organization may need it at any time.
  12. Most noteworthy, redundancy in hardware must be available at all the times to ensure smooth availability of network.
  13. Hence, Security of all data storage devices is important.
  14. Finally training and competent IT staff should be available .

Importance Of Network Security:

Secure and reliable network certainly enhances day to day business of the organization. It also enhances the customer’s confidence as a result in case of web network. Most noteworthy breaches of network are from within in the organization. In case of cyber-attack can result in severe and unrepeatable damage to the complete organization. So, Network security is important irrespective of the size /business of the network. Hence, It’s important for small and large scale networks. Therefore, in case of cyber-attack when Connected to the internet all data may be lost in a second and this may result in misleading information on the network. Hence, Denial of secure network may result in un-expected loss to the organization that may lead to a huge disaster.

Importance Of Network Security For An Organization/Country:

Any organization the importance of network cannot be denied. Besides this, so companies may lose their reputation, money and assets in case of any negligence in security of the network and Network security will ensure availability of reliable and secure information for an organization or country. So network security breaches can cause countries / organization to lose huge in terms of money. Reliability of information is important to ensure network security. Therefore, any information on the network is considered as an asset of the company but Organizations that delivers the services to meet requirements and needs of its customers or end users must protect its network. Hence, response and preparation of an organization can be categorized into three major actions:

  1. Protection of network: Complete network is configured and connected in best possible way.
  2. Detection of threat: How much an organization is prepared to detect any threat on the system or network.
  3. Reaction to any threat: Reaction of any organization to any threat after detection is important. Reaction should be quick and proactive.

Importance Of Network Security In Military:

Future wars will be on cyber security. Therefore, emerging importance of cyber warfare and efforts of the military to access the confidential and secret information of the enemy using cyber warfare tools also has highlighted the importance. Today modern military of all countries are focusing and Governments are spending huge amount of their budgets on Network Centric warfare. Military network breach of information and any successful attack on the network by the enemy can lead to destructive results for the country as a whole. So, Worldwide militaries and civil investigation agencies require secure networks.


Most importantly Computer and network security must ensure reliability, integrity, protection and security of information in meaningful manner. In case of banking the customers will only avail the services if the network is secured but in case of military security of the information is paramount. Besides this any breach in the security of information may lead to a huge disaster for the country. Network security came into existence on the day when computers entered the life of humans. Therefore, Network security helps to protect the assets of the organization. which will ultimately result in securing and saving of reputation of the organization. Hence any breach in network security may lead to revenue lose for a country or an organization also. Because every person /employee of the organization working on the computer is responsible to ensure network security.

Therefore, organization must educate its employees by conducting seminars and lectures on the importance.Emerging technological advancements demands education and realization of importance by every individual. Therefore, everyone must act in responsible way to ensure optimum utilization of networks for the day to day businesses.