Importance of Rivers

Denying the importance of rivers would be wrong, as they are vital for the irrigation of crops and the existence of life on Earth. Not only rivers support life to the organism inside it, but also to the species that reside outside it. Plants will fail to grow and die if they do not get enough water. The human body will not be able to function properly if there is no water for them to drink. We get all the water we have from rivers, as they are the only source of water.

Importance of rivers in our lives

It is not an unknown fact that the most important thing in our life is water. It is fuel for all the living things which reside on this planet, Earth. Humans need to drink water so that their bodies can function properly. Not only for drinking, but water is also one of the primary ingredients for cooking food. We get this water from rivers. Before we use this water, it is a process to remove the impurities from it and the bacteria within it is removed. Water from the sea contains many different minerals which might problems in our body. River water needs to go through the refinement process, where it chlorinated to remove different metals from it. Then, later some processes remove the chlorine and the water is made drinkable for us.

Although, most of us might not know the not only ozone prevents the harmful radiation from the Sun. The huge bodies of water i.e. oceans and rivers absorb a lot of radiation from the Sun, which would otherwise cause harm to other living species on Earth. Water can work as a great temperature regulator. It helps keep the temperature of Earth bearable for the species living on it. Rivers are also an important means of transport. Many countries have made their waterways so they can have routes for transporting material from one place to another. Rivers are there for both traveling and recreational purposes.

People can go swimming and boating in the rivers. The river is a great source of seafood. Seafood has a different set of nutrition, which is healthy in curing many such problems. Some people are specially prescribed by the doctors to eat seafood so they can get better. The importance of rivers is much than we recognize in our lives, ranging from the drinking water that we have to the electricity-producing plants which power all the appliances we have in our lives. It would not be wrong to say that life will only continue to exist if there is a river flowing on this planet.

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Importance of rivers in industry

Rivers are a source of energy for the industry. Ever since industrialization, the world has become a place for industries to create products. These industries have huge machines which require power to run. Power is made through river water. Dams are built on the rivers and water flows through the dam. When the river water pushes through the dams with forces, it collides with the turbines which start spinning at a very fast rate. These turbines are in connection with the generators. When the turbines move at a high speed, it also causes the generators to start spinning. The spinning effect creates electricity. This electricity is one of the main power sources around the world. This power source helps run all the appliances we use in our daily lives.

This electricity is necessary both in homes and industry.The industry will never be able to run without electricity and electricity cannot be produced without water. The machinery in the industry depends entirely on electricity to function. This is only but the functioning part, when the industry manufactures their product, they need to dump the waste material. The importance of rivers can also be recognized by the fact that industrial non-toxic waste material can be dumped safely into the rivers, although it is made sure that the dump is not toxic as it might cause the water to become poisonous.

But since the water in the river is always flowing, the toxic material drops into the depth of the oceans. The industry would not be able to function without rivers and if it starts, it would always need to dispose of its waste. As mentioned earlier, rivers are a great source of seafood. It is great for the food industry, as the fishing is done on a large scale and then it is sold to the people living in far-off areas. Rivers are serving the industries in multiple forms like providing resources and being the non-toxic disposal site for many different industries.

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Importance of rivers in agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of any country. Crops cannot grow without water as they need water to produce different vegetables. Pakistan has one of the best irrigation systems in the world. Crops need to be water but the idea of manually watering seems too big of a task. Therefore, we need an irrigation system. Canals are made from the river through which the water flows to the crops. The farmers make sure that only an adequate amount of water flows in from the rivers.

If the water grows in excess, the problem of water logging might occur. Water logging causes the minerals in the ground to be dilute, rendering it useless. The whole yield becomes useless in such cases. As the rivers are always flowing, they carry the nutritious elements from one place to another. These nutritious elements end up through the water into the fields, providing it to the crops being grown in that field. It not only makes the yield increase but also makes it healthier.

There are many places where the soil becomes infertile due to the concentration of salts, making it impossible for the crops to be grown there. To make the soil usable for growing crops, it needs washing with water to reduce the toxic concentration of the salts from the afflicted areas. River water is there for making canals and washing the soil with it. Once the soil becomes fertile enough, the canals become the source for requisite water irrigation of the crops being grown on the newly recovered soil.

Rivers provide a great reservoir for seafood. The farming of sea animals which are also known as aquaculture is an important part of the agriculture of a country.  Rivers play an important role in agriculture and it would not be wrong to say that agriculture would be impossible without rivers. Agriculture aside, life would not exist on this planet if there were no rivers. for more

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Rivers have great significance in our lives, and we cannot ignore their importance. They are the primary part of lives as we would not be able to drink or eat without rivers. The whole industry depends on river water, as it not only provides the power sources for the machinery running in the industry, but it also provides the disposal for the non-toxic waste material from the industry after the production of their articles. There would never have been any greenery on Earth without rivers, it provides the water for the crops to grow. It helps make the infertile land, fertile again, so it also there for the growth of vegetation. Rivers are a primary source for the growth of agriculture, which is the backbone of a country.