Importance of School

Schools are important part of human lives. Everyone learns things when they interact with people. They learn things at their homes. They are most inclined toward the things taught by their parents. It is more of an informal way of educating a person. One needs to address the formal need of education.

Schools provide the major part of the formal education that one needs to live in society. It helps a person improve him academics, so he can contribute to the society. The person also becomes capable of working in the society. Schools also train the person to know about different cultures, beliefs and thoughts by interaction with different people.

The education provided by the school makes a person realize the difference and similarities we have with other communities. School teaches us to respect values and culture of other communities in the society. By respecting each other we can live in harmony and peace with them.

A person becomes more vocal and confident through education. Schools is one of the places where one makes friends. These friends usually stick with you through life. Schools serve as the basis of mental and physical growth of an individual living in a society.


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Schools teach the basic academics, including mathematics and native language. Although, to create a world standard English is also taught as a language. The selection of English as an educational language is to make sure that people from different linguistic backgrounds can come together on one platform. English and mathematics form the basics of the children.

This expands into different subjects, like sciences, humanities, law and business. Schools unravels the world of different fields to the students. Students pick the subjects they are interested in and move to college to learn further. If one wishes to pursue further studies, he can indulge into a research project in his desired subject.

A person can also choose to use previous knowledge of people to create a more structured set of information pertaining to certain field. Schools set the basics of education, which later in university focuses on the desired subject. People who learn and practice their skills find it easier to get jobs. Jobs are based on merit so the people who are more academically accomplished are preferred.

School is one of the best ways to improve academics of a person. It develops the person both academically and mentally, which gives him advantage while giving interviews for jobs. Good interviews mean that they will be able to the get their desired job. They can then contribute as an active member of the society, by both building themselves and others around them.

Learning Differences and Recognizing Similaritiesimportance of school (1)

Even though, academic focus usually gets stuck on the idea of getting good grades. Student spend more time preparing to get more marks instead of learning things and understanding them. Schools goes beyond the idea of just grades and marks, it also teaches us to live together. People from different ethnicities, backgrounds come together in schools.

They have to learn to adjust themselves to discipline themselves. School teaches us that even with different background, we have a lot of similarities. The religions, color, caste or creed of a person can portray a different picture of a person. School helps us break the stereotypes and preach that all of us are humans and share many similarities.

Having a different culture does not imply that you must demote other cultures. Similarly, a religion is a set of different values and it does not necessarily preach to blindly fight against other people who believe in a different religion. It helps us look beyond the narrow-minded ideas which cause conflict and problems in the society.

It brings us together to discuss the problems we share. Problems like hunger, poverty and sickness are one of the most common we have with other communities. Schools teaches that by living together, we can effectively eliminate these problems and create a better society for everyone. Through school, one learns the background and history of different communities. By studying that we can easily learn to live them.

Vocal and Confident

When one learns things, he finds it easier to talk to people. He becomes more vocal about his thoughts and ideas. It makes an impact on people, hence the society changes accordingly. Learning new things helps person acknowledge things around him. Before learning, one fails to comprehend the things around him properly.

But school teaches a person to understand how and why certain things happens around us. Like for example, the changing of day and night was a mystical thing to ancient people.

But through knowledge, it was discovered that day and night occur due to the rotational motion of Earth around its own axis. The side of the Earth facing the Sun, experiences light and that time is called day while the other side where the Sun doesn’t shine would have night time.

Similarly, learning other scientific and social concepts makes a person more informed. An informed person is more confident about things around him. He knows what things influence certain thing, what can be done to make things better about it. If we can not directly influence that thing, we can learn how to manage and work our way around it.

It makes a person more vocal about his knowledge and he is more confident in speaking, as his speech is backed up by the time he spent learning in school. The more time one spends on learning a certain thing, he becomes more adept at it. He comes more comfortable and confident talking about it to the people around him. This helps a person raise voice for his own rights and people in his community.


Life would not be complete without friends.  School is perhaps the best place where you make friends which you find the most attachment with. Growing up with fellow children, one makes memorable moments and incidents. These friends are there to help you in problems in your life. Sometimes you find it hard to do things yourselves, friends make it easier to solve them.

They push you out of your shell and help you achieve things. It is always fun to go to different places with friends, school provides both friends and arranged trips for the students. It helps break the usual routine and friends play and enjoy their company on these trips.

Friends help you overcome problems in your life. They are there for you when you feel bad, they try make you feel better. Later in college and universities, one also makes friends, but the school friends still take precedence. Due to the competitive environment in college and university, the students find hard to maintain friendships.

Schools friends, on the other hand do not have such problems are hence being more connected and happier together. School friends help you develop a better version of yourself.


School is the place where the academic and social life of most people begin. It trains them to learn how things around them work. While teaching them the differences and similarities among the people, one learns to speak up in the society. Learning to be vocal about the issues of society and understanding them is taught at school.

For a person to grow a responsible citizen and good human, he must be given education. School enables a person to read, learn new things in life. One learns to interact with other members of the society. Schools also gives the realization that the world is huge, beyond the horizons in sight.

School promises a better future of the children it educates. It provides the education for both the purpose of building his own life and helping others around him. The children who get educated in schools hold reins of the world when they grow up. As there is a great quote, ‘A school is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.’ READ MORE