Importance of transportation

Transportation has a lot significance in human life. Things need to move from one place to another. Transportation has evolved over the course of time. It has become much faster than ever before. Resources can be flown to their destinations through airplanes, if the distance is large. Ground vehicles can be employed for shorter distances. For travel overseas, ships can be used. Resources can be people or goods which can be moved using different modes. Like a human body needs to transport blood to function, similarly society also needs transportation to work properly.

Though, in case of society many different things must be transported. People need to get work in time. Every day they need to go a certain distance and do their work. After they also must get back home. While working, many different resources are required at work, they also need to be provided to the people working there. The resources required to move both materials and people also come at a cost. So economy is also involved in the process. Transportation can be called the heart of the society. As it makes it possible for to deliver things where they are needed at appropriate times.

Movement of people

Society has always been growing. There is always need for people to work in different fields. For the work to be done, people need to move around. A laborer needs to reach the construction site. A clerk needs to reach his office by time. Similarly, people from other profession also need to reach their workplaces. It is not always people to walk to their workplaces. They can be at walk distances, or might be in neighboring cities, or even states.

So, transportation is required so they can reach work in time. After working, they need to go back home to their families to spend the rest of their day. Not only for professional needs, people need transport for other purposes too. People planning to go to recreational trips, also need means of transportation. People having relatives in different parts of the world, also need transport to reach them.

It would take days for people to travel by themselves. Transportation makes it easier for people to move larger distances in shorter span of time. Students also need to reach their academic institutions. In modern times, transportation has evolved. Many mobile applications have been introduced to make it easier for people to move. Applications like Careem, Uber and Bykea are used by people. These apps help people find a suitable driver, who can take them to their destination.

Movement of resources

Moving people is one thing, but goods also need to be transported. Construction sites would need bricks, cement and other materials to function. Paper and electronic devices are required at offices. All these resources need to be delivered to them for their proper functioning. Transportation allows the resources to be provided to the places where they are needed. Without transport, there would be no material for people to work with on time. Keeping work aside, normal day routine would be devastated without transportation.

Food we have on our dining table, three times a day, is also made from different ingredients. These ingredients are grown on a farm, then processed in an industry and then sold at superstores. They need to be transported from one place to another from the next stage of process. Similarly, the clothes we wear are also made from cotton, wool or any other material. These materials are collected from the crops or the animal. Cotton is taken from crops and leather and wool is taken from animals. Then it is moved to fabric factories, where they are processed into un stitched clothes. Different brands buy these clothes and sew these according their own designs. After being sewed, these are moved to display in different shopping centers. All of this would not be possible without the service of transportation.

Employment opportunities

The fact that transportation has integrated well with technology, has also created employment opportunities. People can now use apps like Careem, Uber and many such applications to work. They can take their vehicles, get them registered and use these apps to help people reach their destinations. This is exactly like Taxi system, except for the fact that it is completely digitized. As digital information is faster to process and understand, it is more preferred in modern age.

Modern transportation has created opportunities for people to work in a more systematic way. People who find it hard to make both ends meet, can use these apps to make money. People who only drive taxis and found it difficult to find passengers, can now work more easily. There is also a review system in the applications. It allows passengers to leave comments and rating for the driver. This helps maintain merit and good standard for the society. Big companies need to hire people to manage their records about the transportation.

Although it is a little indirect, but transportation has also given job opportunities to people apart from vehicle drivers. For transportation of people in locality, companies like Daewoo, Faisal Movers need people to manage their records and design their efficient digital storage. Similarly, for international travels airports like PIA or Airblue needs to hire people to manage and regulate their record system. Hence, these people are employed for their skills of managing these records and can earn money for themselves.

Influence on economy

The service of transportation is important, and it costs money. When the people and goods are moved around society, a lot of resources are used. Transportation is a very important part of society. A country cannot run without a proper transportation system. It needs to utilize its resources in a reasonable manner. It means it needs to move both the people and the material resource in a suitable way. Moving resources can cost a lot as both vehicles and fuel need money to be bought.

For a country to run properly, money must be invested for the infrastructure and transportation. Only then the industries will be able to generate revenues which will help the economy grow. It’s a cycle, better transportation means better economy and better economy means better transportation.  Businesses are also dependent on transportation.

As in business, resources are always required to be moved from one place to another. A large portion of investment is spent on the proper and safe propagation of materials to their destination. If these transportation’s are not made properly, the goods being transferred might be damaged. This can result in huge loss for the businesses. Therefore, careful consideration should me made during transportation phase.  As economy is greatly influencing by transportation, so a significant amount of capital must be investing in making better infrastructure and vehicles.


Transportation is one of the most vital part of society. People need to move in the society to work, study and go to picnics to take a break from daily routine. People in this era, need employment to feed themselves and their families. Transportation helps the employed people reach their work.

On the other hand, it also provides jobs for people who manage the information about the transportation’s. Movement is inevitable for people. As life is determined by movement like Einstein quotes, ‘Nothing happens until something moves.’ Although he talks in terms of physics, but it is also true in real life. Movement is vital for life, as Earth moves around the Sun, as tiny electrons revolves around the nucleus.

As these things retain the existence of the world, similarly movement of humans is necessary for their survival. People cannot sit still, they must move to eat, earn, learn and discover. Even back in older civilizations, people used to travel on foot or on animals. The modes of transportation might have evolved but the need is always there. Transportation has been an important part of human lives and always will be.