The Importance of Trees [6 Reasons]

Since the beginning, trees have always contributed to the well being of the human species. In the early years, trees supplied food and oxygen, which are two essentials in human life. As people advance and increase their activities on earth, trees become more and more necessary. They supply different products required in human life.

With civilization, people started looking for shelter. Trees became paramount suppliers of what people needed to build the shelter. To date, the importance of trees in human life has grown even more. There are various products that people make from trees to improve their experience in life.

Here are the benefits of trees to human beings.


1. Add Value to Environment

add value to environment

Trees play a significant role in cleaning the environment. During photosynthesis, trees take away the unwanted carbon dioxide. In return, they supply the oxygen that is needed for breathing.

According to the American Department of Agriculture, one acre of forest trees can take away six tonnes of carbon dioxide. Simultaneously, the same acreage can supply four tones of oxygen, which is enough to serve 18 people for a whole year.

Other than providing oxygen, there is a lot that trees do to clean the environment. Trees remove other pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide from the air. These pollutants can damage the surroundings if they are not removed from the air. 

Also, trees protect the land from different natural calamities. Trees also used to provide materials to create a cover for protecting the soil. They are also used in building fences for boundaries and protection around animals. Well grown trees also act as protection for soil from heavy rains and direct sunshine.

Trees can also be grown in rows or other patterns to make the yard beautiful. When planted along the pavement and the fields, they create excellent scenery.


2. Trees Provide Shelter and Shade

When it is hot, human beings and animals look for an old tree that can provide shade. There are several trees that people grow to provide a good canopy for them to hold meetings and also have excellent places to relax.

Also, people from different cultures choose to hold meetings under trees. At the same time, trees provide building materials for human shelter as well as their animals. Trees also reduce the rate of evaporation and make the ground a better place to stay.


3. Trees for Habitat and Clothing

Trees for Habitat

Trees are essential for creating living places for many animals as well as birds. They contribute to making the world what it is by creating the flora and the earth’s fauna. Flowers and small plants contribute a lot to a beautiful place for people and animals to habit.

Also, people have learned how to make use of trees and incorporate them into their daily lives. Human technology has also included many trees to provide them with essential products in life. They use trees for clothing and other essentials.


4. Trees Improve Mental Health

It is believed that trees have mental health benefits. Through several studies, experts believe that by staring at trees, people can gain a calming experience. Thus, if people who are stressed spend time in the forest, they will get relief from the stress. Therefore trees can be used to cure specific mental issues like depression.

It is also believed that the people who live in areas densely populated with trees are less likely to develop stress or other mental conditions.


5. Trees are an Essential Source of Medicine

For many years people used trees to treat various ailments both in humans as well as their animals. Some of them are used for preparing concoctions to drink. Others are rubbed on parts that are hurt. With time people turned to modern medicine, most of which is made from different trees.

Today even with technology, most people still depend on holistic trees for medication. Trees treat most ailments. 


6. Importance of Trees to Kids

Importance of Trees to Kids

As children grow they play a lot and they need harmless tools to play. Trees and plants are a great tool for kids to play without harming them. Also climbing trees is great fun for children.


The importance of trees cannot be underrated. They are essential to humans, animals, and the environment. They are a source of clean drinking, clean air to breathe, and food to both human beings and animals. With civilization and development in technology, people use trees to do most of their daily activities. They build houses using trees; create paper, furniture, poles, and more.

Trees also provide a home for many species of animals. Some people hold trees as essential for their spiritual lives. Certain groups of people use trees as worship places, thus becoming a connection between them and their god. Therefore the importance of trees is more than what people think.

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